Edge Construction provides general contracting and construction management services with design / build solutions for every project. Choosing the appropriate project delivery method can be a critical decision point that determines the success of your project. Key factors to consider when making this decision include your risk tolerance, your level of construction expertise, and the general complexity of your project. With extensive experience in all major project delivery methods, Edge Construction will provide you with the consultation necessary for you to make an informed decision on how to execute your project.

General Contracting and Construction Management

General Contracting and Construction Management are typically the most common methods of construction delivery wherein Edge Construction will bid for and build your project for either a fixed price agreed upon in advance (General Contracting) or a percentage fee based on actual construction costs (Construction Management). These delivery methods give you the most control of your project and are most suitable for you if you have a high level of expertise and a relatively simple project; execution risk of the project is dependent on whether you choose a fixed price or a percentage fee. Regardless of what method is chosen, Edge Construction will always leverage its experience to provide feedback and assistance where possible on designs and drawings, resulting in cost savings and smoother delivery.

Design / Build

With interior design in-house and direct access to a suite of skilled and diverse architectural professionals, Edge Construction can deliver your project under a turnkey Design / Build engagement. Using this delivery method, Edge Construction will consult, collaborate, design, and potentially build your project either on a fixed price (General Contracting) or percentage fee (Construction Management) basis. The major advantage of this delivery method is that Edge Construction participates much earlier in the process, enabling the team to deliver efficiencies in both time and cost. For example, time savings can be achieved simply because detailed design and pre-construction can begin in tandem. In general, a creative partnership with Edge Construction offers you a cohesive and dynamic process that turns your vision into reality.